1. We Get to Experience All Four Seasons in Their Entirety

We get the bitterness of Winter, blooms of Spring, heat of Summer, and colors of Fall. The best of the best.

2. There's a Lake Around Every Corner

11,842 of them make up the layout of our incredible state. There's no limit to the fun that can be had year round by the water!

3. It's the Birthplace of The Shopping Mall

In 1956, the Southdale Shopping Center opened in Edina, Minnesota. We've been making history ever since.

4. We're Also the Birthplace of Target

You're welcome, world. Where would you all be without your precious Target Runs?


5. Our Food Scene is AMAZING

Fun fact: a lot of Guy Fieri's film crew is based in the Twin Cities. They know good food, and where to find it. And it's in Minnesota. #FlavorTown.

6. Our State Fair is the Best in the Nation

You want something unique on a stick? We got you. New attractions every year, awesome entertainment, friendly faces, the Minnesota State Fair is number one for a reason.

7. 76 State Parks and State Recreation Areas

Why are Minnesotans so nice? Because we know fresh air is good for the soul. And we get plenty of it at our 76 state parks and recreation areas.

8. Minnesota is a Music Hub

We are lucky to have three major venues for music, Target Center, Xcel Energy Center, and US Bank Stadium. In addition to that we have numerous theaters and venues across the state. It's rare a big tour doesn't come to our state.

9. We Have Every Sports Team Imaginable

Hockey, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, heck we even have a major league Quidditch team. Pick a sporting event, we got 'em all!

10. Midwest Values From Birth

Even with all of the incredible things our state has to offer, we know to stay humble. We work hard, we support our neighbors, and never take anything for granted. We are Minnesota Nice for life!



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