It's a new day. It's a day when we are all still carrying masks in our coat pockets. Masks in our purses. Masks are hanging from our mirrors in our cars. Then you have the special box of backup masks in case you somehow managed to go through every other mask you've purchased since all this craziness began.

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Now masks are stylish. I'm not sure if 'mask etiquette' is important, but certainly there are those that think so. I still don't like it when someone is standing completely alone and having to sing the National Anthem, because I can't understand them. And I still don't see a need for a Newscaster on television, who is not within 6 feet of anyone else, why in the world they are wearing masks because it's impossible to hear what they are saying.


But, I have to admit, there are some things that I'm starting to thing are working out for me. Here's a few of them:

  • You can't tell when I'm speaking to myself out loud.
  • I look so much younger with a mask on.
  • You can't tell when I'm wearing makeup or not.
  • You can't tell if I'm having a bad skin day, covered in pimples
  • My dog can't lick my lips when she kisses me.
  • It's a great way to keep the wind off my face in the winter.
  • You can't tell when my smile is turned upside down into a frown.
  • Sometimes I don't want people to know who I am; a mask is a perfect disguise.
  • It keeps me from snacking when I don't need to be snacking.
  • I can tell if I have bad breath and need to brush my teeth again.

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