My latest obsession online has been watching people explore abandoned places like malls, old buildings, or decaying mansions. It is fascinating to see what time, and zero upkeep do to structures. All my video watching got me thinking about what buildings I would love to explore around the area if they were empty.

I in no way want any of these places to be abandoned or out of business, so for this purpose, I'm picturing them 200+ years from now. I have no idea what the lifespan of these types of buildings is, nor do I plan to be around in 200 years to see it for myself. It's all for fun, and I love these places and wish them nothing but continued success. I'm just curious about how things age.

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10 Places in St. Cloud That Would Be Fun to Explore Once Abandoned

The good news is that even though we can't see these places in an abandoned state, is that we get to see and explore them as they are thriving. People in the future will be jealous of how we got to experience and enjoy them in the state they are now. (Well, maybe not the prison.) Get out and enjoy all your favorite places around St. Cloud this summer.

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