I'm currently in fall/spring jacket mode.

With temperatures continuing to fall, I haven't broken out the heavy winter jackets quite yet. But I don't leave the house anymore without putting on one of my not-too-light but not-too-heavy coats ideal for temps between 40 and 60 in Minnesota. Of course, the thrill of transitioning into a new jacket season is finding what you left and forgot about in the pockets since the last jacket season. For instance, I threw on one of my fall/spring jackets for the first time the other day and found in a pocket one of my favorite COVID masks that I hadn't been able to find in months (how sad. that we've grown attached to specific COVID masks).

No doubt, as I put away the fall/spring jacket for a heavier winter coat I'll find more surprises -- hats, gloves, mittens that I'd forgotten I'd left in pockets and have been looking for for months.

Following are 10 items you're bound to find in your winter jacket this winter season:

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