St. Cloud is hotter right now than some of the world's cities that are known for being hot.

According to a recent article by WJON, the average number of 90+ degree days that St. Cloud sees in a given summer is 11. Last year came close at 10; the most St. Cloud has ever seen was 36 days back in 1936.

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Right now, Central Minnesota appears to be on a fast-track towards hitting that annual average of 90 degree days. Last Friday kicked off a six-day series of days above 90; today's expected high is 97 (Thursday, June 10, 2021). It looks like we may get a brief break tomorrow with a pretty good chance of thunderstorms cooling things down (to the upper 80's, anyways) before it jumps up to 90 again over the weekend.

Curious to compare St. Cloud, Minnesota's temperatures to those of other major cities around the world, we were surprised to find that Central Minnesota right now is actually hotter than some international cities known for being hot! Granted, things like distance from the equator, hemisphere and time of year, all play a role. Take a look at 10 cities around the globe enjoying cooler temps than St. Cloud right now:

10 International Cities Enjoying Cooler Weather than St. Cloud Right Now

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