If you've ever driven down by the Twin Cities on I-94, 694 or 494 you know how bad it can get at times. Traffic jams are real and there are times where you just sit there wondering if you will ever move. One other thing you also probably know, that driving alone in your car, can go even slower. Which is why some people will get creative to try and drive in the carpool lane or the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane as they call it now.

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I've heard of people using stuffed animals, blow up dolls, mannequins and more to try and get by on this lane that is more often than not the lane moving the fastest because not everyone can go in that lane. People get creative, but this might be one of the best ones I have seen yet and when I saw it I literally laughed out loud.

The Blaine Police Department went to their Facebook to share a picture of what one of their officers had seen when they pulled someone over in the HOV lane recently and see for yourself what you think:

If you've seen the movie "Office Space" you had to have a good chuckle, right? In case you haven't here's a clip of the movie and my recommendation that you should watch it.

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But as the officers remind us, although the person was creative in trying to use the HOV lane in order to use that lane when driving, you need to have two or more real people in the vehicle. That's hard I get it, because that lane can be so tempting, but ask yourself next time, is it worth it, because a citation can cost up to $300, and you can read more on that here.

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