With the holiday season just around the corner there will be a lot of travelers skipping town to visit family, or to find warmer climates. If international travel is in your future, make sure to follow this one piece of advice - alert your cell phone company!

A woman from Miami just received a cell phone bill for $201,000 because of international rates.

Celina Aarons shares a cell phone plan with her two brothers that are deaf-mute. The brothers use their cell phones to communicate with each other through text messages and often watch videos. When the two boys made a recent trip to Canada for two weeks and didn't inform their cell phone company, the international charges racked up quickly.

Aarons typical phone bill runs about $175, but after over 2,000 text messages were exchanged across the boarder and multiple videos were downloaded on foreign soil, that bill became $201,000.

After taking her story to a local television station, the cell carrier dropped the charges down to $2,500 and is allowing her to pay the balance over 6 months.

The moral of the story - alert your cell phone company if you plan to use their services during international travel.