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The 10 Most Deadly Foods on the Planet
Sometimes the food you eat is trying to kill you. Not in the traditional sense, with saturated fat, refined sugars and cholesterol. There are a few foods out there that can literally end your life if improperly prepared, or at the very least make you terribly sick. While you probably won’t encounter…
Study Says Having Dessert at Breakfast is OK!
According to a new study out of Tel Aviv University in Israel, eating cake for breakfast can actually be a good thing. Finally someone 'studies' something worth while! After reading the full article it actually makes a lot of sense, looks like I'll be going home to bake a cake this af…
Woman Receives $201,000 Cell Phone Bill
With the holiday season just around the corner there will be a lot of travelers skipping town to visit family, or to find warmer climates. If international travel is in your future, make sure to follow this one piece of advice - alert your cell phone company!