Remember the animated movie 'Up', where a house is lifted into the sky by a cluster of balloons? It seemed like something that would only exist in a movie, right? Well that's not exactly the case. A North Carolina man has twice successfully taken on the feat of traveling by way of helium filled balloons, and he's ready to do it again. This time, he is asking for you to help him cross the Atlantic ocean. 

Sounds absolutely absurd, doesn't it? 38 year old Johnathan Trappe of Raleigh, North Carolina was the first man to cross the English Channel while attached to a cluster of helium filled balloons back in 2010. Johnathan has also flown over the Alps, and recently recreated the scene from 'Up' while at the International Balloon Festival in Mexico.

Now he is ready to take on his next challenge, Trappe wants to cross the Atlantic Ocean, leaving from the United States and hopefully landing in France. But this trip would be a costly one, so he has made a YouTube video plea for your donation.

Trappe needs to raise $300,000 to make the transatlantic flight, and has so far raised about $2,000. I wish him the best of luck, but I still think he's crazy!