Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney Gets a New Puppy
We’ve posted plenty of photos of country stars’ adorable pets, but Joe Don Rooney’s sweet brindle bulldog might win the prize for the cutest puppy ever. The Rascal Flatts guitarist tweeted a photo of the brown ball of wrinkles earlier this week, and ev…
George Strait Gets a New Puppy
It seems George Strait has a new bunkmate on his tour bus. KNIX 102.5 in Phoenix reports that the king of country has adopted a new family member: a Golden Retriever puppy.
Have a Happy, Puppy Christmas [VIDEO]
Combine puppies and Christmas and what do you get? A super fuzzy, joyful holiday...and maybe a present or two that could use a little sanitation. Hope your Christmas is fuzzy and joyful...and Santa cleans up all the messes.
Bake Puppy Cookies!
Not cookies FOR your puppy and not puppies IN your cookies (Goodness! We're not talking horses here!) but cookies that LOOK like puppies. Just the cutest little puppies you've ever seen and (bonus!) the mess they make is entirely edible.


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