Last month one of our dogs passed away.  You can never truly replace that kind of friend -- their personality, loyalty and companionship.  The best you can do is open up your home and heart to another animal.

My mom decided she wanted to have another dog and she wanted a puppy.  A few weeks ago, she went to Ogilvie where she met this little chub.  On Sunday, he was ready to come home.  Kaycee went with and let's just say he hasn't won her over quite yet.  It will come in time and I hope they become pals.  It will be good for both of them.

I personally think he's a little weasel at this point.  He's loud and he doesn't stay put.  He likes to bite.  Overall, he's a troublemaker but he sure is cute!  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest member of the animal family -- this is Cowboy!

I know I promised video yesterday but he didn't do so well at cooperating with the camera, big shocker!