Not cookies FOR your puppy and not puppies IN your cookies (Goodness! We're not talking horses here!) but cookies that LOOK like puppies. Just the cutest little puppies you've ever seen and (bonus!) the mess they make is entirely edible.

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    Remember Scary Skull Cookies?

    Well, we're going to take that dough and reuse it. Um, unless your dough is still sitting around from Halloween and then you might want to feed it to the chickens. So, mix up (separately) the chocolate and the vanilla dough found here, smoosh each dough ball into some sort of flat disc-like shape and refrigerate it for a couple of hours.

    Ricky Woods
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    Roll Out That Dough

    You want it about 1/4 inch thick. Then grab a heart-shaped cookie cutter, recruit some help and start cutting out hearts. You need a chocolate and a vanilla heart for each puppy cookie.

    Ricky Woods
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    Assemble the Puppies

    Place your vanilla hearts (upside down) about three inches apart on your cookie tray. Cut a chocolate heart in half and put one half on each side of the vanilla heart for ears. Then we used M&Ms and mini-chips to decorate the puppy's face.

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    Bake and Wait

    Bake your cookies at 350 just until golden, 10-12 minutes. It's nice if you have someone to wait with - we were lucky to have Mickey and Minnie visit us. (Odd how they always turn up when cookies are baking.)

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    Taste Your Puppies

    I cannot stress enough - this is the most important part of any cookie baking endeavor! Always test your product. You do not want to be the one who poisons holiday visitors because there was something wrong with your cookies. We find that it's good to be very, very sure that your cookies are safe to eat. About a half dozen samples should do the trick.

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    Celebrate the Season

    With good friends and good cookies. Happy Holidays!