40 games into the 162 game season, and the Minnesota Twins are on top of the American League Central Division with a record of 22-18. As a fan, what makes it even more exciting to watch -- is that these really seem to be having fun. (Winning can do that to you.)

Flashback to 1986 when the Twins finished 71-91, and one year later they won the World Series. In 2016 the Twins finished 59-103, and while 2017 has yet to be determined -- at some point we're going to have to start thinking that these guys just might be good (although we're all afraid to go there).


Next, the Twins head to Baltimore for a three-game series beginning tomorrow night (5/22) against the Orioles -- before returning to Target Field Friday night (5/26) for a three game weekend series against Tampa Bay.

I'll check back in with you at the 81-game mark, and if these guys are still in first place then we're going to have to start getting a little excited (even though it goes against every bone in our 'Minnesota Sports Fan' bodies).

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