Besides a new album at the end of February, Dierks Bentley is also releasing a full-length film February 22nd on CMT. The film will take you behind the scenes and give you insight on the personal inspirations, including the passing of his dad and son being born, that went into making Bentley's upcoming album "RISER" due in stores on February 25th.

The film is set to air on CMT, February 22nd at 1:00 central time. Bentley, staying busy, will be in Mexico for 98-Country and Tropical Nights "Boots in The Sand Getaway"... you still have time to book your trip HERE.

Sounds like an exhausting month for Bentley, but he's not tired yet. Bentley will be part of CMT's "Crossroads" teaming up with the band "OneRepublic". No date is set yet, but it's expected to air sometime mid-March.