Dierks Bentley is set release his eighth studio album on February 25. Bentley, has released the track listing for "Riser"...

1. Bourbon in Kentucky
2. Say You Do
3. I Hold On
4. Pretty Girls
5. Here on Earth
6. Drunk on a Plane
7. Five
8. Riser
9. Sounds of Summer
10. Damn These Dreams
11. Back Porch
12. Hurt Somebody

Dierks started the process of this song two years ago and within that time, his dad died and his son was born. The up and down of the emotion is reflected in the new album and that's not the only goal Bentley had while recording this album. Bentley said, “It’s the sound in my head that I hear when I’m playing a live show,”... “You have one ear monitor in, one ear out, and the crowd’s there and your voice feels really great. There’s a certain amount of gravel to it because you’re tired, but you’re all jacked up on whatever you’re drinking and adrenaline, and the crowds and the fans are there and there’s this feeling, fists in the air... it’s that thing that’s hard to transfer into a studio environment. There’s a rawness.”

Bentley will be headlining the opening night of 98 Country and Tropical Nights "Boots in The Sand Getaway"... you can be there! Check out package details HERE.

Did I mention I'm a huge fan of Dierks and getting to meet him last summer was a HUGE highlight.