A friend of mine is going out on a blind date this Wednesday night (way to plan this date on Wednesday and not Friday... Valentines Day) and he is looking for a place to take his date.

He and the girl he's going out with have never met face-to-face, but have a mutual friend who set them up (this should go well). My friend, who we'll call "Alan", asked me for where to take this girl that isn't too intimidating, they can grab a drink, a burger and have some fun. I'm pretty much worthless when it comes to giving this kind of advice, because I'm engaged and don't know where Brittany likes to go and doesn't like to go.

So, can you help out my friend, "Alan" and give him some advice where he can take his blind date for some fun without being to intimidating.

Comment below where they should go, I'll check back in with him on Thursday and see how the date went.