On Monday (2/10/14) I asked you for your help as a friend of mine, 'Alan', was preparing to go on a blind date.

Thank you for your feedback! You guys suggested G-Allens, Ducks Billiards, Granite City Brewery, Jimmy's Pour House and many others.
After taking all of your suggestions into consideration, "Alan" decided to take his blind date to The White Horse.

"Alan's" date had a 45-minute drive from her home town to The White Horse (better not disappoint, Al). It seems "Alan" did NOT disappoint. We'll call "Alan's" date "Green Eyes"... Green Eyes walked into the White Horse and met Alan for the first time face-to-face. Alan, being the shy boy he is, extended his arm for the awkward "hello-hand shake"... but Green Eyes is not shy and dove right in for a hug (things are off to a good start).

As Alan and Green Eyes sit down and start talking, things are starting off well. The two find out that they both enjoy doing things outdoors, including skiing/snowboarding in the winter and they're both really into sports. As the conversation continues and they both learn more about each other, their food arrives... PANIC!!!!!! They both ordered a burger and apparently they were huge burgers just over flowing the bun they were placed on. Alan, trying to avoid an awkward situation, says to Green Eyes, "there is really no good way to eat this, so if you don't judge, I won't judge"... way to avoid the awkward food situation.

After the two finished their oozing over the bun burgers, they continued to just sit and chat and get to know each other a little more. Four-hours later, Alan and Green Eyes decided to call it a night, Green Eyes still had a 45-minute drive home.

After the weird, extend your arm for a handshake and actually get a hug moment to start the date off, Green Eyes laid another hug on Alan and thanked him for a fun night. Alan, who also had a great time, came right out and asked if she would, "want to do this again next week"... IT WORKED! Alan and Green Eyes are going out again sometime next, it's yet to be determined what day.

Alan is excited, I still don't know who Green Eyes is, but you can bet I'll keep an eye on this blind date situation and see where it goes... we're all in this together now.