Some people just love pickles, and in some cases, they put pickles in recipes or everyday foods that you and I might enjoy in an effort to get as much dill flavor in their lives as possible. Hungry Jack has a reel on Instagram that has been making the rounds, that shows someone dipping a dill pickle chip in waffle/pancake batter and then frying it on a waffle iron. Yum or Yuck?

I initially thought that the pickle pancake/waffle combo sounded rather 'yuck', but after giving it some thought, and some at-home trial and error, I've changed my mind.


The pancake batter, which I just followed the instructions to make the batter on the back of a box in our pantry, with the pickle chip inside of it has a sweet and then sour taste, and depending on how long you leave the pickle battered chip under the waffle iron it can have a certain level of crunch to it too.

Overall I only made 10 of these sweet and sour concoctions and to various levels of success. The pickle can't come right from the jar, you need to dab off the 'juice' otherwise the batter doesn't really stick to the pickle chip, and knowing how much batter to use was also tough as if you don't have enough on you can burn the pickle chip, and if you smother it too much it takes a long time to cook all the way through.

I went with a two-dip approach, I'd initially dip a chip into the batter, and then pull it out, let it drip, and then drop it back in before moving it over to the waffle iron.

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Is this something that you'd try? Let us know in the comments!

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