We usually think that kids are too young to understand our grown-up versions of love. In fact, many would argue a person doesn’t fully understand love well into adulthood. But, as proved by adorable kids on YouTube, the innocence and sincerity of those first inklings of love can be the sweetest and most endearing of all.

This Valentine’s Day, we discover that the children may know more than we think about love. They definitely know more than what’s printed on those little cards we make them give each other. So, instead of candy hearts, let these little nuggets of love be all the sweetness you need as the kids of YouTube show us how it’s done.

First You Have to Ask

A young fan asks rising alt rock star Hayley Williams if she wants to go on a very specific date and then be his girlfriend. You can tell by his reaction to her response that he knows he’s the luckiest kid in the world.

Start Slow With a Dance

This kid learns early that there’s nothing more romantic than dancing with a pretty girl. He knows there’s no reason to move too fast. Besides, when arms are flying, it’s dangerous to go in for the kiss.

Sometimes You Have to Steal That First Kiss

This little guy knows that being persistent is the best strategy for getting that first kiss. But then, at some point, you just have to go for it and get it out of the way. He may need to learn to gauge the reaction a little better.

Girls Can Steal Kisses Too

These are modern times and that means the ladies can be more aggressive about getting what they want. Ava understands this. Teddy is supposed to be nice to her and she’s going to give him a reason to be.

It Can Be Good for Effect

Clearly these two are just doing this for effect. But, they learned early that kisses can be fun. And, obviously kissing is way more fun if each one is followed by total shock. They have found the best way to keep it fresh.

It’s Best When the Kiss Works for Both

These two have it just right. We should all share a high five after a first kiss. It’s a happy occasion, why not celebrate? High fiving every time might even make it more fun.

Sometimes Love Is Not Returned

We’ve all been there. This little guy learns early that his love will not always be returned to him and that can really knock you down. Kids are resilient, and the most important lesson is to bounce back. Learn early and love often.

Sometimes Love Can Be Rough

Love isn’t always rainbows and puppies. Pat Benatar said it best with ‘Love is a Battlefield’ and these two are learning that first hand. Ping pong paddles and bitten cheeks aren’t recommended, but they’ll get it figured out.

Sometimes You Have to Fight for Love

These girls have already learned that if you find someone worth holding on to, you fight for him until the bitter end. It’s not going to be pretty and it may end badly for all, but it will be worth it.

If You Like It Put a Ring On It

Jack and Sammy are best buds. They figured out that when you know, you know. Why spend a lifetime playing the field, when love is staring you right in the face. Also, always wipe off the kiss cooties right away.

Kids Know a Thing or Two About Love

Here a group of kids proves that we learn about love early, even if we don’t always understand it. Girls stop having cooties. Boys stop being gross. And one day, daddy’s little girl belongs to someone else.

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