We all have our favorite celebrities, but have you ever wondered where they got their big break? They all had to start somewhere, and I have the videos to prove it. Check out the videos on the next page, and get a good laugh at Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and other celebrities in commercials before they were stars!

  • 1

    Drew Barrymore

    Pillsbury commercial 1979

    This commercial from 1979 starring Drew Barrymore almost immediately launched her career. Only months from its air date she was offered the part of Gertie (the 5-year-old sister to Elliott) in Steven Spielberg's 'E.T.' which was released in 1982.

  • 2

    Brad Pitt

    Pringles Commercial 1980's

    Brad made a few television appearances in the late 80's including the soap opera 'Dallas' and the popular sitcom 'Growing Pains'. His first movie came in 1988 where he got the lead role in the film 'Dark Side of the Sun'.

  • 3

    Elijah Wood

    Kraft Cheese commercial 1990's

    It didn't take long for Elijah to get work when he moved to L.A. His big break on the silver screen came at the age of 9 in 1990 when he was cast in 'Avalon' where he played Aidan Quinn's son. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, and Elijah was on everyone's radar.

  • 4

    Matt LeBlanc

    Heinz Ketchup 1987

    When I think of Matt LeBlanc, Joey Tribbiani (from the TV show 'Friends') is the first thing that comes to my mind. But it turns out he worked quite a bit before 'Friends' came to be. Matt scored a roll on a television series called 'TV 101' in 1988. Then in 1991 he starred in a spin-off of 'Married With Children'. He also starred in a number of music videos in the early 90's. But if you ask me, Matt will always be Joey!

  • 5

    Ben Affleck

    Burger King commercial 1989

    Ben Affleck has a long list of successful movies, but everyone starts somewhere. His first movie role came in 1992 in the film 'School Ties'. In 1997 he and his best friend Matt Damon won an Oscar in Best Original Screenplay for writing 'Good Will Hunting'.

  • 6

    Bruce Willis

    Seagram's Wine Coolers 1986

    Did you know his real name is actually Walter Bruce Willis? Bruce almost always plays the manly-tough-guy role, which is why this commercial cracks me up. He actually isn't that bad of a dancer! His first big role came on the TV series 'Moonlighting' from 1985-1989, and his first big break on the big screen was in the 1987 film 'Blind Date'.

  • 7

    Demi Moore

    Diet Coke Commercial 1988

    Demi Moore is most remembered for starting her career in the ABC soap opera 'General Hospital'. Though she actually made her film debut in 1982 in the movie 'Parasite', but it was so bad and made so little money that it barley counts. Her first lucrative movies came in the mid-80's and included 'St. Elmo's Fire' and 'About Last Night'.

  • 8

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Bubble Yum commercial 1988

    Leo's first film 'Critters 3' went direct-to-video when it was released in 1991. It wasn't long after that when he was offered a regular spot on the sitcom 'Growing Pains'. Then in 1992 he struck big screen gold when he was hand picked by Robert De Niro to play the lead role in 'This Boy's Life'.

  • 9

    Lindsay Lohan

    Jello commercial 1996

    Lindsay Lohan is currently dealing with some issues, but many years ago she was actually a cute, talented child actress. Lindsay was in the business at a very young age modeling and doing commercials, but her first movie role was in 1998 in Disney's 'The Parent Trap'. Where she pulled off the very difficult task of playing twin sisters all by herself.

  • 10

    Raven Symone

    Cool Whip commercial 1990

    Who doesn't remember Raven playing Olivia on 'The Cosby Show'? She was so adorable and talented for a four year old! Since then she has made a very lucrative career for herself in both television and movies. And surprisingly has kept herself out of trouble and away from the media.