So....My drain has never worked quite right since I moved in to my new home last summer.  But curiosity kills the cat.

I can't help but look down that drain...and wonder...what the heck is down there? Nothing seems to make it flow any better.

Well...This morning...this bright girl decided to plunge the drain with my new mini plunger. Thinking that maybe I'd find a couple rubber bands down there or something..I never dreamed I'd be plunging up designer rocks for the next 10 minutes!

I have NEVER owned designer rocks. You won't find any beautiful vases sitting around my house...well...filled with the pretty rocks anyway.

I think a 3 year old dumped a dead goldfish down the drain. Luckily, I shared my good luck story on the air, and Tom the Plumber told me what to do.

Tonight...I'm going to try my plumbing skills and see what other treasures await me at the bottom of my drain.

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