I’m so excited to finally find out the gender of my baby! My husband and I get to find out on Thursday afternoon! Yesterday I put out a poll question asking you what you think the gender of my baby is going to be. In order to make an informed decision, I told you the following;

My side of the family thinks I’m having a girl and his side of the family thinks I’m having a boy. At this point, I honestly don’t have a clue what I’m having. All week his sister has been sending me little tests to try that are supposed to predict the baby’s gender. All of the tests have given us mixed results.

I was a little sick in my first trimester, but nothing horrible like some women experience. I’ve always heard that you’re sick your entire pregnancy when you’re carrying a girl. Based on that fact alone, I feel like it’s more likely I’m having a boy.

But, I’ve also been craving very sweet things which is a sign that the baby is a girl. Not to mention, the heartbeat was a steady 150 beats per minute, leading some people to believe that it has to be a little girl.

Here's what you had to say as of this morning! The voting was CLOSE, but ultimately you think I'm having a BOY!

Ashli Overlund
Ashli Overlund


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