Holdingford is a small town with so many amazing little things that make it unique. If you grew up in Holdingford, you were part of the lucky few who got to share in these experiences. How many things on this list did you do or do you remember?

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1. You've rented videos from the gas station.

2. Corner Pizza & Subs is hands down your 'go to' pizza place...mostly because that's the only option. But, also because it's delicious.

3. The annual softball tournament is a must attend event. When you turned 21 you realized the burgers at the concession stand are amazing when paired with beer.

4. You always make an effort to attend the summer street dance because it's the event to end all events. Plus, there are food trucks, man.

5. Your citywide garage sale shuts down the town. Everyone takes time off to either host a garage sale or shop through all the deals.

6. You know how to do parades...whether it's with water in the afternoon or candy at night--it'll impress.

7. You walk everywhere you need to go...or, you take a golf cart, mini bike or the multi person covered pedal bike you rent out from that guy down the street.

8. You have the best squad of friends ever, mostly because you've known them your entire life. They've got your back.

9. You absolutely hate anyone who pronounces your beloved town name as 'holdingFURD'. It's not pronounced like turd...it's pronounced holdingFORD.

10. You are so proud of your school park. And, you should be because it's legit. You were probably part of the volunteer effort to set it up.

11. You are part of, or know someone who is part of the Holdingford Sno-Flyers Club.

12. You either grew up on a farm or had family who did and you helped out. #DairyCows

13. You were a Husker.

14. The Lake Wobegon Trail is your old friend. You go way back.

15. You definitely have had family photos (or wedding/senior shots) on the covered bridge.

16. When someone says they're from Holdingford, you question who they know to find out if they're actually legit.

17. Bees in the summer are the worst in your area.

18. Meeting up with everyone at church is your big outing on Sunday.

19. Bonfires are a daily occurrence in the summer.

20. Holdingford Daze is your jam. You've participated in the tractor pull. #ChristmasInJuly

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