Ever felt like companies treated you like hot garbage, while they seem to treat your friend/neighbor/rando on the corner like royalty (at least in comparison)? It turns out that it probably has nothing to do with bad luck.

Companies likely have your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) score. Business owners/managers might know what a CLV is, but what does it mean to consumers?

Whether or not they treat you like, well, hot garbage.


"The more profitable you are, the better service you will get."

That line came from the mouth of a Harvard marketing professor. Companies score you on your profitability with a CLV. If you have a high CLV score, they're more likely to bend over backwards for your attention. But what if you have a very low CLV score?

You get to wait!

Emergency Call
To this day, she's still on hold (Getty Images)

Ever find yourself on hold for 45 minutes, and when they finally come back on the line you just get transferred again and hold for another 45 minutes? That's how you know that you have a very low CLV.

The gooder part? That's the only way you'll know that you likely have a very low CLV, because these 'scores' aren't publicly available.

That's sketchy. Sketchy AF, as the kids might still say. And THAT is what makes this today's Sign of the Apocalypse.

H/T: Newser

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