This is news that was put out this week just in case anyone had any doubts about what they can and cannot do now that recreational marijuana is legal.

Even though it is legal, there are so many stipulations surrounding it, that it can be very confusing about what is ok and what isn't ok.  But this one kind of gave a a "duh" when I heard this ban.

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The Great Minnesota Get-together, otherwise known as the Minnesota State Fair is banning any smoking of marijuana on the fair grounds.  That's not at all a surprise.  Since they are trying to put into law the same sort of regulations that surround smoking regular cigarettes, why wouldn't it be the same for marijuana smoking?  Like a certain amount of feet from a door of a public building, not in public parks, and basically only in designated areas.  But this time it's no where on the grounds.  I'm am not surprised.  Although, it doesn't say anything about edibles.  And you know that will happen.  Honestly, it would happen anyway.  Let's not be naive about this.

An update to the event's Health & Safety simply states: "Marijuana smoking is prohibited throughout the fairgrounds." 

Cigarette smoking and the use of e-cigarettes and vape pens is permitted in the fair's designated smoking areas, which are identified on the map. 

So, designated areas for regular smoking and vape, and nowhere for marijuana.  Just to be clear.

If you are looking for stands to purchase any sort of pot items at the fair, that will still be limited to CBD and hemp based marijuana, like what has been around for several years.  As far as any retail sales go - for now that is limited to the reservations in Minnesota.  Regular retail sales won't be licensed until approximately 2025.

Here is the lineup of The 2023 Minnesota State Fair Grandstand Concert Series


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