A year ago today we had a total or seven inches of snowfall for the season. By the end of the winter we added on almost 70 more inches -- which means there's plenty of time left.

Here are the latest totals form the last 48 hours of snowfall across central Minnesota:

  • Melrose:  3.0"
  • Milaca:  3.0"
  • Cambridge:  2.8"
  • St. Cloud:  2.5"
  • Long Prairie:  2.2"
  • Albany:  2.2"
  • Little Falls:  2.0"
  • St. Joseph:  2.0"
  • Rice:  2.0"
  • Sauk Rapids: 2.0"
  • Paynesville:  2.0"
  • Clearwater:  1.0"

This was a pretty light round of snowfall for St. Cloud. There was a better dose to the north where places like Grand Rapids picked up 9 inches or more.

There's another chance of the white stuff across the area on Sunday & Monday.

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