I think at this point, everyone is tired of all of the road construction around St. Cloud and especially in the downtown area. It can be tough to get around.  This includes walking and driving.  People are having to walk and drive streets and sidewalks that probably aren't used very often.  This is also causing congestion in areas that most likely has never seen this level of traffic.

Because of this, people are probably trying to cross the street wherever they can.  You see an opportunity, people will just take it.  This includes driving and being a pedestrian.  Here's the thing, you still need to look to see if any cars are coming, use a crosswalk, and drivers should be more vigiliant as well.

A few days ago, I turned down a side street in St. Cloud.  A postal worker looks at me and decides to cross the road anyway, not in a crosswalk, just in the middle of the street.  I can judge the distance, and I can tell that she does have time to get across the road before I get to her, like she is in no danger of being hit.  But she looks over at me and throws her hands up in the air like I am doing so many things wrong by not just stopping in the middle of the street to let her cross.  I mention again, she had plenty of time to get across the street.  And also, why are you crossing the street when a car is coming, in the middle of the block?  Entitlement?  I could do the same to her  throw my hands up in the air in frustration at the fact that she is crossing in front of a car that's coming and just expecting them to stop.  Again, she had plenty of time to cross the street in front of me.  My issue with this situation is her reaction.

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Pedestrians do need to use the designated crosswalks or areas marked for pedestrian crossing.  Cars are required to stop for pedestrians crossing in designated areas.  If you are a pedestrian and you decide to jay walk, you can be cited for not using the designated areas.  It just doesn't happen that often, but you can, by law, be cited for that action.

Just look both ways before crossing.  It's the best thing for all concerned, driver and pedestrian.

That roundabout by SCSU on University is crazy too.  There is a crosswalk there, but students are notorious for not looking at all and just walking across the street.  Way too much faith in mankind right there. You still should look to make sure cars aren't coming.

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