Yelp.  Not always the most accurate source for what's the best in anything.  Yelp is a bunch of reviews that people submit.  It's totally opinion, as most reviews are. But unfortunately, not every place gets reviewed.  And sometimes the reviews are bad simply because of a bad experience that had nothing to do with the food.

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But, we are looking for reviews, and Yelp is the thing we are using.  So, here are the best pizza places in the St. Cloud area according to Yelp.  Since it is National Pizza day, let's check it out!

These are the 10 best, but doesn't look like they are in order.


To be honest, I had to look this one up.  It's located in Waite Park in the same building as Café Renaissance.  Which is across from Fleet Farm.  I feel like I have to try this pizza.  I forget about it, but according to one review, it's the "best pizza in St. Cloud.


This one is located downtown St. Cloud, near the Capital One building. The crust is thick, if you like that type...deep dish.  And they have some tasty cheese bread.


They have some unique flatbread pizzas that are made from scratch, like everything else there, and it's always good.  Always great to have a restaurant like this that isn't a chain.


This is a relatively new restaurant in downtown St Cloud.  Definitely a must try.


I do know first hand that their pizza stix are delicious.  Pizza isn't bad either.


The favorites here are the BBQ Chicken pizza, Cajun Chicken Pizza and the Bacon Cheeseburger pizza.


The reviews here are mixed on Yelp.  I personally am a fan of the thinner crust, but not everyone that reviewed HOP was.  I also like a lot of cheese, but not everyone does, and there was a review stating that there was too much cheese. To me, this is an impossibility.


This location has changed so much over the years, and has always been great.  I believe currently they are located downtown on St. Germain...are they still open?


The Green Mill has many varieties of toppings and crust.


They deliver now, and their breakfast pizza is amazing.

What's your favorite pizza place?  Happy National Pizza day!

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