Does ANYBODY deserve half-credit for doing nothing?

If you answered anything except, "NO!", then I fffart in your general direction...

A Port St. Lucie, Florida teacher claims that she was fired for giving zero credit to students who didn't turn in homework. School policy is to give half-credit for homework that's never turned in.

I repeat: she got fired for refusing to give half-credit to students that did zero work.

52-year-old Diane Tirado wasn't allowed to say goodbye to her students, although that might be a good thing. Getting one last chance to be in front of jerk students taking advantage of a jerk school policy that gets you fired for being a not-jerk teacher would be very tempting to leave an in-person scathing review of the students' work ethic.

She did still manage to get some parting snark in by leaving a message on the classroom's marker board.



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