Ok... so there have been several people who have gotten tattoos that they may regret.  Like getting a tattoo that says "no ragrets" or "no reggrets" or some other version of that word misspelled.  That meme has been flying around the internet for years!

Everyone knows that it is possible to remove an unwanted tattoo... ex's name, stupid image, immature or inappropriate images, whatever the reason, you can have it removed.  But the other thing we have all known is that it isn't easy, and is very painful.  They are removed by several sessions with laser removal.  Depending on the tattoo, it can take a lot of time, and pain and of course, money.

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This morning I'm scrolling along and I come across this gem.  Apparently all you need is some hot wax, aloe, lemon juice and some shaving cream and Voila!  It's GONE!

Ummm.... somehow I don't think this is going to work like they show it working.  But I could be wrong.

Check out this video.

I did a little more research.  And found that there are some ways to lighten an unwanted tattoo.  And then, there is this website that states that there are 5 ways to remove a tattoo with home remedies. I think it's a  bit far fetched, since the ink is imbedded into your skin.  But....

I guess if you have a tattoo that you would like to have removed, it won't hurt to try any of these "remedies" So, why not?  See if it works.  I'm guessing it won't, but go ahead and try.

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