Let's have some fun, shall we? Not everybody can be big-worded city slickers. Growing up in a small town will alter your definitions a little bit. Don't believe me? Here's how.


Normal Definition: last day of a traditional workweek. The day after Thursday. An annoying song by Rebecca Black.
Small-Town Definition: high school football, baby! Friday Night Lights!


Normal Definition: your former significant other
Small-Town Definition: your BFF's new GF/BF


Normal Definition: an annual event with fried food, livestock, and carnival rides
Small-Town Definition: THE event of the summer!

Field Trip

Normal Definition: getting onto a bus and riding an hour + to a far away location to learn stuff
Small-Town Definition: city slickers stopping by your town to ogle. The weekly trip down to the co-op.


Normal Definition: random assortment of letters & numbers
Small-Town Definition: organizations that you were very likely part of



Normal Definition: a part of your extended family
Small-Town Definition: half of your class


Normal Definition: a person that is in charge of a sport team.
Small-Town Definition: the P.E./English/Math teacher who also heads one of/most of the sports teams


Normal Definition: a weekend recreational vehicle
Small-Town Definition: the only useful wintertime mode of transportation

Were any missed?

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