There was a lot going on this weekend, the Minnesota Wild were playing, the Vikings rollercoaster of a win yesterday, and of course college hockey. Over the weekend the Gophers took on Penn State at Mariucci. On Friday night the game between the two teams featured a glass-shattering hit!

The check that broke the glass was delivered by a Penn State player on a Golden Gopher, but seeing the HUGE hit and the glass shatter is still something you don't see very often anymore.

Penn State's Chase McClain, a forward, drilled the University of Minnesota's Logan Cooley, also a forward, into the boards near the Gopher's goal in the 3rd period of a game that saw the Gophers win 3-1.

Back in the day, you'd see the glass in hockey games break more frequently, but science and technology have helped to create stronger plexiglass that is less likely to shatter, keeping both the players and the fans safer.

It appears in the video that a woman sitting near the glass was holding her head after the glass broke, I couldn't seem to find anything about her condition, or if it was an injury from the glass, or getting hurt trying to get out of the way. Either way, we certainly hope she is alright.

Both players, Cooley and McClain didn't seem injured after the big hit, and after a brief break in the game to replace the broken glass panel, the game resumed.

The Friday night game saw the Gophers even the series with Penn State after the Nittany Lions won Thursday night 4-2 over the No. 1 ranked Gophers.

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