Jason Aldean launched on the scene in 2005 with his first album Jason Aldean and quickly started gaining popularity among country fans with his country/rock style and his down home approach to life.

Jason grew up mostly in Macon, GA and spent summers with his dad in Florida. That's where Jason first learned to play guitar. His dad would map out chords for him to practice while he was at work. Once he returned, he would grab his own guitar and sit with Jason practicing into the night.

Going by his birth name, Jason Aldine Williams, he started playing the local VFW at age 14 and by the time he was 15 he was already playing with a house band at a local night spot. He was determined to cut his chops and make money playing music and entertaining the crowds.

I have been a huge fan of Jason's from the very first time I heard Hicktown. I knew then that this guy would have a huge career someday. A few months later I met Jason backstage at a Rascal Flatts show in Massachusetts. He was one of those guys that you just enjoy kicking back and having a drink with. He hadn't let his stardom go to his head and to this day, he continues to be grounded and just doing what he loves to do - now he's just getting paid a bit more for it!

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    Everyone remembers Jason Aldean's first song 'Hicktown' but it wasn't Jason's first number one hit. In fact, 'Hicktown' only made it to number ten on the country charts in 2005. It wasn't until Jason released his second single from his first album that he got to celebrate a number one song. 'Why' was that song.

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    Johnny Cash

    I really fell in love with 'Johnny Cash' when I first heard it. I was at an interesting point in my career and was ready to tell the boss I had at the time to shove it, run off to Vegas and join the circus! I'm sure glad I didn't. From 2007's album 'Relentless' we get my number 4 pick.

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    Big Green Tractor

    Only Jason Aldean can sing a love song about taking a ride through the pasture on a John Deere. When I first heard this song, I thought "That song's going straight to number one". It did in fact become Jason's third number one hit. From the album 'Wide Open', released in 2009 is my number 3 pick from Jason.

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    Don't You Wanna Stay

    I remember sitting at home watching last year's CMA Music Awards and seeing this performance. I remember thinking, wow this could go really good, or be a complete train wreck. It blew me away! Kelly Clarkson is an amazing vocalist and teaming up with Jason was the perfect combination for a duet for his latest album 'My Kinda Party'.

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    Hicktown is my number one pick for favorite Jason Aldean video. No matter how many times I watch it, it just makes me want to go find a field, put up a stage and enjoy some fun out in the country. The other reason I make this one number one is because it first showed us that Jason Aldean is an artist that we can have fun with!