One slice only has 3 1/2 pieces of pepperoni! INCINERATE IT! (Getty Images)

Are we really this worried about how our food looks?

I get that presentation goes a long way (and is a legit reason some restaurants charge more than others)...but PIZZA?!

Domino's is trying a "Terminator-style" artificial intelligence...thing...called the Pizza Checker...that will snap a picture of your pizza after it's done. It'll then analyze it to make sure you're getting a perfect pizza pie.

What if it looks wonky? The future Overlord of the World will send you a picture of the jacked-up pizza, say "hasta la pizza, baby", and tell the slaves employees to make you a new one.


How long before it starts looking at Carl the pizza guy, determine he doesn't look perfect, and order his termination? Why chance it?

Domino's is testing the Pizza Checker in Australia next year. If it doesn't overthrow the government on it's destructive path to world domination, then they'll expand the T-1000s machines worldwide. This can't possibly go wrong...and thus is today's (11/14/17) Sign of the Apocalypse.

What would you like on your tombstone?

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