New York State Reopens Malls As Part Of Phase IV Reopening Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Will our local Macy's store soon be closing its doors in St. Cloud?

Before all the Covid stuff became the norm, Macy's had made an announcement that they were planning on closing approximately 125 retail locations and cutting 2,000 corporate jobs as a part of their three-year plan to reposition their stores and use their many other channels of sales more effectively.

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They didn't list all of the locations that would be closing back in 2020 when they made the announcements, and after the pandemic arrived, they additionally had to temporarily close stores for months.

Macy's now plans on closing the new round of stores by early August, according to sources.

It leads us to wonder; will Macy's in St. Cloud be on the cutting list? What about Macy's at Mall of America in Bloomington? That would be a huge closure for us.


Currently, with Covid-19 cases continuing to increase, they are planning on revising their store hours in all of their existing locations to Monday through Thursday hours 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and leaving their hours unchanged for Friday through Sunday, which are different in each location.


For Macy's fans in Minnesota, it seems we are in luck. I don't see any Minnesota store closures on the list for this year, and we just so happened to not be on the lists of the past either.

The stores expected to close in the coming months are in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Missouri
  • Texas

I've looked ahead to the Macy Store Closure Map, and there are no Minnesota Macy's stores currently listed anywhere for closing in the past or in the future.


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