Shopping cart etiquette...Is there such a thing? Do you see anything wrong in the photo above?  I see several things. First of all, the small shopping carts are on both sides of the corral. Second, they were not pushed all the way in. Third, they should interlock with the carts in front of them, as far in the corral as possible. That means, other guests can easily park their cart, without having to push a mess of carts all over the darn place.

So if I see a problem, I start rearranging before I park my cart. All of the big carts go on one side, and the small carts on the other side...PLUS they are all interlocking when I get done with them. If there's a hiccup in the shopping cart chain, I will pull them all out to the problem area, and push them back in correctly until they are all neatly stacked.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

I don't go as far as collecting carts from the whole parking lot...only those within my reach. I figure someone else parking in a different row can clean up that cart corral if necessary.

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There are a few other things I do when I go to the grocery store that might be crazy; like bringing my own re-usable bags. They work so much better than those darn plastic ones, or even the paper bags. The Re-usable bags never rip and they are easy to stack groceries in.  When I unpack my groceries, I then use ONE re-usable bag to put all the other re-usable bags in, and put them back in my car for the next trip.

I also shop the store from left to right all around the perimeter, and work my way from the deli to the produce, to the meat department and then to the bakery. I save the isle shopping for last, as that's the most expensive and least nutritious.

What do YOU do at the grocery store that other people would find crazy?

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