There are some things in this life that really get me upset, and one of them is just dumping your trash wherever you see fit, that isn't in a garbage can. It's really just lazy. One person or a group of people got busy doing just that, dumping their trash along a stretch of road in Forest Lake recently, and that trash that was dumped was more than 130 tires!

The Forest Lake Police Department posted about it on Friday, and they are looking for some leads, as it's likely someone with some sort of tire business is responsible for this in some way.

Can you help us out??

On December 6th, 146 tires were dumped along the 18000 block of Forest Rd N, South on Forest Rd to 180th St then West on 180th St to Fenway Ave N.

Most of the tires were located in the roadway and it appears they were dumped from a moving vehicle as it drove down the road. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it's illegal. Patrol officers kept the area safe from vehicles running into the tires until Public Works employees arrived to clean up the mess.

We'd love to chat with the person/people responsible. If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the Washington Co Dispatch Center (911 if you are in Forest Lake, 651-439-9381 outside of Forest Lake) and ask to speak to a Forest Lake officer.

Plenty of motorists who use that road to get to or from work were put at risk with all those tires just laying in the middle of the road!

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The road where the tires were dumped runs parallel with Highway 61, and is mostly a residential road, but it can be used to bypass some of the traffic you hit on Highway 61, and you'd miss a few stoplights too.

Hopefully, the police can find out who dumped all the tires!

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