Hats off to the pothole crews on a city and state level that are out there every single day trying, relentlessly, to fill the potholes across our state.  I see them out there every day, trying and trying and trying harder to make our roads driveable.  It seems the battle between us and the potholes is being won by the potholes.

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So, where is your "Favorite" pothole? The one that you can't avoid. The one that feels like it's going to swallow up your vehicle if you hit it one more time. The pothole that you just can't avoid no matter what you do.


Here are some of the responses we've received so far regarding the most magnificent potholes in our area:

  • Roundabout in Sartell behind Walmart off of cty1 - Katie A.
  • State Hwy 27 on the way to Onamia From Pierz - BMarie R.
  • HWY 10 heading NW near red barn dairy queen heading into St. Cloud - Tonya S.
  • Highway 10 Anoka Ramsey area, 7th ave Anoka - Kristie M.
  • Yes... Hwy 10 St.Cloud!!!! Stop lights by Wendy's and Copper Kitchen - Tera L.
  • Hwy 10 by the bridge eastside - Ashley J.
  • Hwy10 By far - Randy J.
  • Stearns County in general - Holly C.
  • Highway 10 in St. Cloud in front of the subway. It’s Awful!! - Kari B.
  • Uptown Willmar mall. The entire lot is a massive pothole. - Chelley M.
  • Hwy 65 Blaine MN! - Jessica O.
  • Cutters Grove Ave and Thurston Ave just off Hwy 10 by Kwik trip in Anoka is just plain nothing but potholes for 300 feet. The city or state, whichever, should be ashamed to leave anything that bad. - Rosie H.
  • St.Cloud and  Hwy 10 -Zach L.
  • Hwy 10 thru St Cloud is just $!@%  thru all the stop lights. Both directions. Can somewhat avoid it in the fast/left lane. -Willie L.
  • By Casey's in Richmond MN - Tamara D.
  • 94 between St. John's & Avon westbound! Mary K.
  • Hwy 23 Clara City MN the whole street - Dean T.
  • Stay away from County Rd 75 going to St. Augusta! Someone could lose their front end if they have a low-profile car. - Nichole T.
  • Maybe you should tag the governor and he could use a bit of the 17 billion dollar surplus to fix the roads. We pay outrage registration fees and the roads are !$@&! -Nichole T.
  • 3rd street. But yes Hwy 10 is horrible! -Jodi G.
  • St. Cloud is a pothole! - David W.
  • 94 between St. John's & Avon westbound! -Mary K.
  • Hwy 23 Clara City MN the whole street - Dean T.
  • Hwy 23 by Target East - Kathy S.

    Let us know your thoughts. Chat with us on the App or send your favorite pothole location to us on Facebook.

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