I need to find a really really great camping chair. One that is comfortable, provides support for your back, that's wide enough for an adult to sit in without feeling squished, and one that of course, has a beverage holder. Plus, I'm looking for quality and durability; you know. The kind of chair that people fight over to sit in.

We had a lot of shout outs for area stores like Runnings, Menards, Marv's, Costco, Walmart and more.

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Finding quality built chairs isn't as easy as you think. I've been scouring the internet for great camping chairs, that last more than a year that have 4-5 star ratings. Then I realized, the best way to find an awesome camping chair is to ask a fellow Minnesotan. Here were some of the ideas Minnesotans came up with.

Anthony from Zimmerman says, GCI Rockers. They are $60-$80 but are comfortable. You can sit or rock, and they come with a cup holder as well as a cell phone holder, and some even come with a shade cover.

William from Elk River says we should head to Cabela's and says, "Get the rocking one. You'll thank me later."

Carrie says that Marv's True Value has some really good ones.

Amber says Menards Guidesman chairs are a great value and they hold up well.

Ross from Princeton has the Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair. It costs about $53 bucks and is available at Home Depot. Ross has had his for about 3 years and he says it's awesome.

Mikey says to get the Ozark Brand oversized directors chair with side table. It's about $40 and available at Walmart.

Kelly says that Barrel lawn chairs are the best. They come in a variety of different styles, but are cozy and comfortable.

Beth likes her Costco lawn chairs, while Adam said you should try Uline for chairs.

If you've got other great ideas, let me know. Send your ideas to kelly@minnesotasnewcountry.com.


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