This morning before work, I participated in democracy! And I did it all before the craziness of Election Day. Want to avoid the stress of trying to cast your vote on November 8th? Then get it done with Absentee Voting! Get the details on where you need to go HERE!

Honestly, I am so happy I took care of casting my vote before the official deadline of November 8th. Actually, the official polling times on Election Day in Minnesota are from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM. And sometimes, that's just not a time frame that works for some people. We believe that Election Day should be a national holiday - but since we can't have everything our way, we do have the option of voting early.

So, say you want to avoid the polls, lines and craziness of Election Day. Where do you even go to cast your vote early? Good question. We found an easy way to find out that info - just type in your full physical address into the generator here, and you'll get a list of possible places for you to vote Absentee. It will also give you the location where you need to go for the official Election Day if you decide Tuesday the 8th works for you.

We hope this helps answer some questions for you going into the Presidential Election! Things are going to get real interesting here in just a few short days...