It used to be that, for over 20 years, when the weather got nice out in St. Cloud and the Dairy Queen opened up for the season, you'd find John Fillah aka St. Cloud Superman hanging out on Division Street.

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In a video from 2011, Fillah was quoted saying he started dressing as Superman after the 2001 terror attacks.

But, in recent years, he's nowhere to be found. The last post on the St. Cloud Superman Facebook page was updated in October 2015. His website is now just a broken link. It's left some wondering, what happened to him, and will we see him in costume again?

His Superman disappearance goes back to a big controversy from 2015. St. Cloud Superman was seen waiving a Confederate Flag on St. Cloud State University's campus while also using hate speech. According to the University Chronicle, the college was forced to take legal steps to protect the campus.

Adam Farhat with the Chronicle sat down with Fillah in 2015 and asked him about the incident in an article titled, 'John Fillah Responds To Campus Concerns'. Fillah said, "I'm trying to be an example and make a statement...a positive statement...not one that's meant to hurt or offend or insult or attack..."

University spokesman Adam Hammer was quoted in a City Pages article from October 2015 titled "Confederate Flag-Toting Superman Nearly Pummeled At St. Cloud State". Hammer said, "emotionally, it impacted some community members who experienced those antics."

It seems like shortly after that he stopped making public appearances as St. Cloud Superman and started keeping a low profile. So, if you're wondering what happened, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Or, at least, that's the best I could Google.


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