I've been craving a cup of my favorite coffee in the whole wide world..which happens to be located at Jules' Bistro in downtown St. Cloud.

A good friend of mine turned me on to Jules' a few years ago, and I just have to get back. I want a cup of coffee, with a cute whipped up design on the top, and cardamom spices added to a white chocolaty hot coffee beverage of deliciousness.

I want to go back not only for their coffee, I'm also craving their homemade Spinach Mushroom chicken flatbread pizza. MMMMMMM...Sounds good, doesn't it?!

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I want to go back SO bad...How bad you say? So bad, that I visited their Facebook page to find out when the doors will be open. I found this intriguing message:

"WE'RE NOT READY YET...Your messages about when we're going to re-open continue to roll in, and we are incredibly grateful for them. We are so eager to do what we love for the people who love us, but the truth is...we're not quite ready yet. Our team is committed to making your next visit to Jules' Bistro even more wonderful than your last, so we're continuing to plan, prepare and work through a list of projects that will make that possible. We promise that when we've decided on a re-open date in partnership with our amazing team, you'll be the first to know! 😉 In the meantime, we'll keep sharing what we're doing...

JUST FINISHED: Our kitchen renovation provided an opportunity to replace glass block, warped vents and weathered plywood (none of which were original to the building) with beautiful brick that is more in line with the architecture.

UP NEXT: We're removing the laminate flooring that was coming up in chunks in some places and held together by duct tape (literally) in others. We'll be replacing it with the same flooring we used in our expansion, which will allow us to provide a safer and cleaner environment for guests."


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