It's no secret that I'm not exactly great at my job. I'm grateful that there isn't a Yelp for radio jocks. I'm also grateful that my job (despite my struggles to do a it) is comparatively low-pressure. Messing up my job (something I am good at!) usually involves pressing "play" too early or talking into the microphone without turning the microphone channel on.

Occasionally, I talk like an ill-tempered sailor thinking that the microphone channel is off when it very much is still on and broadcasting.

"Choad", huh? Lets talk about your final show yesterday Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash)
"Choad", huh? Lets talk about your final show yesterday (Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash)

A St Louis Funeral Home Forgot Something

The family of Fred Love Jr were obviously devastated by his death in 2022. Among the retired U.S. Army Major's final wishes was to be cremated after his viable organs were donated. Following the funeral service, his family was handed his remains in an urn, articles of his clothing, and a cardboard box, then embarked on a six-hour trip back to his widow's home.

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No No No No NO NO NO

Mid-trip, family members noticed a smell. A "pungeant, chemical smell". It gave one family member a headache. They carried on and reached their destination, leaving the box in a garage.

The next day, the smell was prevalent in the garage.

They examined the box and found that it was labeled as a box for the type of American flag used in funeral services. They called the funeral home but got no answer, so they drove back to the funeral home, only to be escorted into a conference room.

They were told by the funeral home that they were mistakenly given a box that contained Fred Love Jr's embalmed (but not cremated) BRAIN. And since attempting to cremate just the brain would likely incinerate it, Mr. Love's remains can never be made whole.

The family has rightfully filed a lawsuit. Click on the KKTV link for the full story. It's absolutely no way for a human - let alone a veteran - to rest.


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