Summers are very short in Minnesota, and that's no secret. As much as we want the summer to last forever, we're all very aware that fall is looming upon us. Personally, I'm a fall lover! But, I'd never want to wish summer away.

There are some very subtle signs that our lake days and cabin trips are numbered. When school supplies hit the store shelves, that's when I know that summer is a goner. I've been seeing back to school deals all over the place. Please, make it stop!

Another sign that summer is almost over is the Benton County Fair. It always happens the first week in August, and it's kind of like our last big celebration in this area before fall.

As much as I love the 4th of July, it's just another reminder that summer has come and gone way too quickly. By the way, August is a week from today! Isn't that a crazy thought!?

What's your ultimate sign that summer is coming to an end and the winter months are knocking at our doorsteps?

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