My husband Dave and I were in Target the other day and we were seeing so many back to school sales. He started telling me how much he missed going back to school and getting ready for the new year. Dave said he always looked forward to seeing his friends again and shopping for fun new school clothes at the start of each year.

He asked me what my favorite thing used to be about going back to school. I didn't even have to think about it--the smell of a new, fresh super pack of crayons, is what I answered. I also told him that I loved getting new mechanical pencils and a new planner. I'd make myself 'to do' lists leading up to the start of the school year just so I could sharpen up my handwriting skills before going back.

He looked so puzzled...apparently he thought that was a super weird answer. I mean, getting new clothes and seeing my friends were cool too...but, I loved getting new school supplies. There was just something about the newness of it all that I loved so much.


You can clearly tell the social butterfly from the bookworm in our relationship by our answers. I do still miss going back to school and getting ready for the new year even thought I don't miss homework and tests.

What do you miss most, or look forward to most about going back to school for the year?

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