Talk about a bad shortage to have right before Easter.

Last week I saw a friend post on Facebook that they went to a local grocery store and couldn't find eggs. Another friend commented and said they had the same thing in their area. That was the last I saw anything on the topic across social media, so I didn't think anything of it.

Tuesday, March 29th I went to Walmart in Sartell to pick up ingredients to make cupcakes for a coworker and found a completely empty egg cooler. Luckily there were a few cartons of egg whites on the top shelf, and thanks to a handy conversion chart I found online I made it work.

But what is with the lack of eggs? Back in December, the Boston Globe reported a story titled, "Eggs could largely disappear from store shelves in January without legislative action, industry warns." The story was based on information from Massachusetts and said:

Without legislative action, eggs born of hens that have less than 1.5 square feet of space could not be sold in the state, a standard industry experts say is strict enough to effectively destroy the market.

But that's Massachusetts, why are we seeing a shortage in Minnesota?

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The USDA Egg Market News Report from March 28th, 2022 reads:

The undertone is mostly firm. Offerings are light for current trade needs. Supplies vary and are mostly light to moderate. Retail and food service demand is moderate to fairly good. Market activity is moderate to active. Breaking stock floor stocks are light to moderate; breaking schedules are mixed. Light type fowl offerings are moderate to heavy for the light to moderate demand.

I don't speak "market reports", but that seems pretty optimistic to me. Unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily match what I and so many others are seeing in stores.

I've seen comment threads online saying wildfires and flood hindered cardboard production so there are shipping supply issues. And with recent outbreaks of bird flu in Minnesota and surrounding states, the cost of poultry and poultry products is only going to increase.

All of you raising your own laying hens, this is your time to shine.


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