Target is getting ready to add hundreds of new items to their store through one of their most popular brands, as they relaunch their Up&Up brand, which has been going strong for 15 years.

Target's Executive Vice President says, "Our Up&Up brand is already incredible and popular. Our product teams combed through thousands of guest reviews to create new formulations, hundreds of new products, and thoughtful packaging."

They are looking to improve their toothbrushes to make brushing your teeth a better experience and to help their toothbrushes last a bit longer. they are also making their replaceable head adult and kids toothbrushes interchangeable with Sonicare products. Very cool!

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Target To Leave Some Stores Open To Midnight
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The Up&Up Brand

I use a ton of food containers, and Target's planning to make their Up&Up brand containers with thicker walls that are going to last us a bit longer and also more durable.

Plus, you can look for new scents in household cleaning products, soap, bath & body, and pet products.

They are adding to their existing line of moving supplies, dog grooming supplies, batteries, computer accessories, napkins, protein powder, pain relief medications, and more, with approximately 2,000 items people use on a day-to-day basis. New products will be arriving through early 2025.

GettyImages/Justin Sullivan / Staff
GettyImages/Justin Sullivan / Staff


I'm excited to see what they will be bringing to us in the coming days! Up&Ups new line will be relaunching on February 18th, with some of their new products being brought out more gradually in the upcoming months.

According to Target's corporate website, the Up&Up brand already brings in 30 billion dollars in sales annually.

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