We have some great breweries around Central Minnesota, maybe we can talk them into brewing up one of these.  OR maybe we could have our own Minnesota flavored beer!  Mmmmmm, Walleye flavored beer. (thanks Cindy)

Here's some bizarre beers from guysim.com.

The Pizza Review - This pizza beer is brewed with oregano, basil, garlic and tomato for a robust pizza taste.

Bacon Maple Beer - It’s flavored after the famous Oregonian doughnut purveyor Voodoo Doughnut’s bacon maple doughnut..

Dog Beer - Flavored like beefy, steak-y goodness, this beer is made for dogs.  Its name, Kwispelbier, means “tail-wagging” beer. It’s non-alcoholic and is said to have nutritional value for dogs. Plus, what owner that loves hanging out with their dog hasn’t wanted to share a beer with them?

Kid’s Beer - The beer happens to taste like apple juice and produce some foam at the top.

Creme Brulee Beer - Named after the torched, sugary custard dessert, this Creme Brulee Beer is an intensely sweet Imperial Milk Stout.

Banana Bread Beer  - This banana bread beer is tough to find in the States and if you can it’s pretty expensive…And yes it tastes like banana-bread

Seaweed Beer - Kelpie Seaweed Ale is a Scottish brew is known for tasting sweet, malty-salty chocolate.

Chocolate Donut Beer - Chocolate Donut Stout is brewed in Virginia by Shenandoah Brewery, has a nice ABV of 6.5% and is known for its sweet, sour salty, bitter-ish, chocolatey malt flavor.

Chili Beer - Rogue’s Chipotle Ale is golden, malty, smooth, crisp and has the delicate, smoky presence of the delicious chipotle pepper.

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