Remember playing the original Super Mario Brothers game on Nintendo? Well, like most games out there, we need something better today to play. Check out Mario killing the mushrooms and turtles in 3D!

From the minds at Blumasters Studio, we get a taste of what an updated Super Mario Brothers Game could look like.While it isn't clear if this version of the game will be flushed out and made into a full length game, it is pretty cool to see how with today's technology a game from 20 years ago can have a new life.

With most of the popular games out today, there needs to be some level of extreme graphics and in this version of Mario Brothers, we get to see the guts ooze from the mushroom men, we get to see the turtles leaving a trail of death as they skid off into the distance and we can even set the baddies on fire and watch them burn.

Mario has to be careful in this game though, even he is not immune to a gory death. Check out what happens to him when he misses the end of level flag!