This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard about.  Not everyone has the same taste as far as any holiday decorating goes.  Some people go all out like (as I put it) Christmas totally threw up in your living room or in your yard.  Other people go for the minimalist look and others may not put up any decor at all - at least not in the yard.  But- the point is - you do you.  It's your yard or house, do what you want.

Brandi Joy Facebook
Brandi Joy Facebook

This past week a note was left on the door of a Burnsville couple's house saying that their over-the-top yard decorations for the holidays were an "eye sore" and they should get rid of it or at least "tame it down".  First of all, I would say "tone it down" not "tame it down" but whatever.  But if this makes them happy, so what?  It's not hurting anyone else, and if they want to pay a higher electric bill, so be it.

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What they didn't know, or didn't care about, is that the wife, Brandi Joy, said her husband, Adam Duncan loves doing this since he is in recovery. And this is something that makes him happy.  She also suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and this is something to look forward to and helps to keep them both busy during the wintertime.

You can check out the letter here from Bring Me the News. What makes it even worse is that the person who wrote the letter couldn't come and face the couple personally.  They had to do it anonymously, and that is just cowardly.  If you feel that strongly about it, confront the couple face to face and have a normal adult conversation.

What would your reaction be?  I feel like I would be inclined to put up more.  Just to do.

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